hey there! i'm ell, and i like to draw



please provided detailed reference for the subjects of the commission-- visual reference is preferred, but I can work with written reference as well!after payment is received, i will begin work on the commission. a sketch will be delivered for revision requests and approval at the "halfway point", after which work will begin on the final piece.* please feel free to contact me at any point for updates or questions regarding your request!* sketches may not be delivered for smaller commissions (e.g., minis)all my commissions are digital only. you will receive one full-resolution, digital piece.i reserve the right to refuse any commission request for any reason.in most cases, i can provide a transparent background version or simple background edits of pieces-- feel free to ask!


unless specified otherwise, commissioned art is for personal use only. i retain all the rights to my work, including the right to reproduce and use the image as a work sample.* use of my artwork in the creation or promotion of NFT works is expressly forbidden.* alteration of my artwork via machine learning, or use of my artwork in the training of or creation of derived works via machine learning (and related technologies) is expressly forbidden.violation of the above * points will be considered a purchase of exclusive and commercial rights and charged as such.you are permitted to resize or crop the image for personal use, but you cannot alter the artwork itself or remove my signature.if you would like the commissioned work to remain private or unpublished for whatever reason, please let me know!


**for all requests, commission payment is due upfront in the entire amount. **if a request is cancelled before work begins, a full refund can be provided. if the commission's "halfway point" sketch has not yet been delivered (or approved), a 50% refund can be provided.if i need to cancel a commission request for an unexpected reason, a full refund will be issued.* if a request is cancelled or refunded, i reserve
exclusive rights to all work produced, even if unfinished.



payment for all adoptables is due in full upfront! upon payment, you will receive any digital artwork associated with the design.* once an adoptable is sold, you are responsible for retaining any files or work related to the design. i may not be able to provide artwork of sold designs if they are misplaced.trading or reselling adoptable designs is fine as long as the new owner is informed of the original artist.reselling adoptables for a higher price than originally bought is not permitted.for all adoptables, commission terms apply to the art itself. this means that i retain rights to the artwork, and any provided pieces are for personal use only. you may repost or share the artwork with credit. please see my commission information for details!you may not edit any artwork provided, but redesigning or altering the design is fine.


hey there! i'm ell— illustrator by trade, developer by profession. i love character design, world building, typography, and esoteric programming languages.